• Support and monitoring of grape harvesting operations;
  • Adoption of opportune vinification strategies in accordance with previously established enological objectives;
  • Study and enhancement of ageing processes for red and white wines;
  • Adoption of technical strategies to achieve the best wine products;
  • Creation of blends from the wines produced;
  • Consultancy on the processes involved in preparing wines for bottling;
  • Technical support for bottling processes;
  • Planning and size decisions relating to cellars and equipment and machinery needed for wine-making processes;
  • Marketing and sale strategy assistance.


  • Planning new vineyards;
  • Studies and technical assistance in vineyard planting;
  • ‘On site’ technical consultancy from germination to harvest;
  • Choice of the most appropriate farming techniques to achieve optimal grape ripening;
  • Integrated vineyard fertilisation and parasite prevention guidelines and strategies;;
  • Integrated strategies aimed at constant and progressive grape quality improvement.


The building of a virtuous and sustainable winemaking project must necessarily be sustained by a strong bond between a range of disciplines. This has been made possible by a highly professional network, capable of providing planning, financial, administrative, strategic, communication and commercial support by means of close working relationships between professionals and colleagues with huge experience and dedication.

  • Drawing up Multi-year Company Agricultural and Environmental Programmes pursuant to Regional Law 65/2014;
  • Drawing up of Agro-Tourism Reports pursuant to Regional Law 30/2003 and subsequent amendments and additions;
  • Winemaking potential management (uprooting and re-planting, register management, management and issue of authorisations, production declarations, stock declarations);
  • Estimates for loan requests, damage quantification, sale and inheritance;
  • Agricultural funding applications (PSR, OCM, etc.);
  • Compiling organic and integrated agriculture company registers;
  • Cellar register management;
  • Agricultural company management and leadership;
  • Applications for inclusion on the register of Professional Farmers (IAP);
  • Submitting various applications on S.I. ARTEA;
  • Company site plans.