Paolo Marchi was born in Florence in 1976 where he studied humanities and graduated with a diploma in Classics in 1995.

He subsequently focused on scientific study at the Agriculture Faculty in Florence where, in 2001, he graduated with full marks and special merit in Agricultural Sciences and Technology.
He presented an experimental two-year thesis in the context of the Chianti Classico 2000 project entitled ‘Effects of planting density on yields and quality in the Sangiovese variety in the Chianti Classico wine zone’.

In 2001 he obtained the professional qualification of agronomist and became a certified freelance professional.
Immediately after, he starts the technical consultancy in viticulture dealing initially with technical vineyard management of a number of wine making companies and subsequently also with winemaking elements and techniques.
During this period he develops his professional growth and translates his important skills into practice.

He has been working freelance since 2007, showing professional skill and technical autonomy in partnerships with well respected wine making companies and important agronomy studios. He took his second degree in Viticulture and Enology with full marks and special merit and obtained the title of Enologist.

In the context of his working relationships he puts his own idea of wine into practice, listening to and analysing the requests of the producers he meets and translating them into sensations and emotions through wine.